Small Plates

Basil & Manchego Croquettes £7.50

Served with tomatoes and a salsa verde aioli


Carpaccio Beef £12.00

Served with mizuna, roquefort, creme fraiche, crunchy caper and katsuo bushi

Black Pasta Dorset Crab Tortellini £9/£16

Served with shaved fennel and lemon and a parsley emulsion

Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish Pate £7.00

Served with caper berries, black treacle soda bread and watercress

Warm Nutbourne Tomatos and Yoghurt £9.50

Served with Aleppo chilli and and basil oil

Vegetarian Vegan

Treacle & Soy Curd Salmon £10.00

Served with giner and lime leaf puree, beetroot chips and avocado wasabi

Sesame Sale and Aleppo Chilli Calamari £7.50

Served with a squid ink and mirin aioli


Classic Margherita £9.50

A Classic Margherita pizza


Diavolo £12.50

A tomato base with salami, mozzarella cheese and chillis

Quattro Formaggio £11.50

A traditional four cheese pizza with a tomato sauce


Portobello Pizza £11.50

Topped with mushrooms and a tomato sauce

Vegetarian Vegan

Salads and sharers

Vegan Kale Caesar £11.00

Served with olives, crispy chickpea, crunchy parsnip, and nutritional yeast

Vegetarian Vegan

Confit Duck Leg £15.50

Served with compressed watermelon, sweet fish sauce, wakame and sumac

Giant Fregola £14.50

Served with quinoa, nutbourne tomatoes, pickled red onion, endive and a lemon pepper dressing

Vegetarian Vegan

Whole Baked Camembert £13.00

Served with a honey truffle dressing, crunchy endive and crostini

Fish & Meat

Korean BBQ Chicken £15.50

Served with tender stem broccoli, polenta chips and a yoghurt dressing

Roasted Bass £16.00

Served with fregola, pickled onion, kale, shaved fennel and lemon

Seared Onglet Steak £17.00

Served with caramelised truffle cauliflower puree, cavolo nero and roasted shallots

Home Burger £13.95

Served with Swiss cheese, burger relish, pickle and fries


Polenta Chips £5.00

Served with a yoghurt dressing

Vegetarian Vegan

Dressed Salad £5.00

Vegetarian Vegan

Truffle Fries £5.00

Vegetarian Vegan

Tenderstem Broccoli £5.00

Served with lemon and pepper dressing

Vegetarian Vegan


Roasted Pineapple £8.00

Served with a coconut and lime sorbet and shichimi pepper

Vegetarian Vegan

Chocolate and Hazelnut Filled Doughnuts £8.00

Topped with cinnamon and muscovado sugar and a caramel ssauce


Ice Cream (scoop) £2.50

Served with our sorbet of the week